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Caregiver Support

Navigating your journey together with ITP

Caregiver support is at the core of our practice at ITP. We want to be there as a comfort and as practical aides to your loved one's continued skill building, growing independence, and self-actualization. Research has shown that programming is most effective during all waking hours--let us help you whenever we can't be there directly.

From appointments multiple times a week to biweekly sessions, from in person to remote, ITP works with your schedule, insurance coverage, and budget to provide the supports that are right for your whole family!

Share your struggles

Have a receptive and informed confidant with our experienced team. Commiserate with a sympathetic and highly-informed member of our staff who understands the challenges faced by caregivers to those with special needs--we’ve been there too!

Matching your commitment to neurodiversity

ITP builds strategies and interventions around your families' priorities and the goals and desires of your loved one. We build intrinsic motivation for emerging skills as the behaviors that you have identified to reduce are replaced by functional and appropriate ones, all the while giving you and your loved one maximum control and agency over treatment and programming. Through regularly scheduled meetings, your loved one’s treatment plan is consistently updated as they continue to grow and change. ITP does not do “compliance training” as a part of our ABA programming. Instead, we focus on developing your skills, talents, interests, and goals.

Improve relationships and ease tension

Minimize conflict with your loved one by learning individualized strategies to support them through difficult routines in your day-to-day life. From toothbrushing to meal times to visiting extended family, our dedicated staff have years of experience both as parents and professionals in the field. Our team has seen it all, so lean on that experience and enjoy better living day-to-day.

Learn effective strategies for managing difficult transitions

From small transitions like bedtime to the big ones like moving or going to a new school, ITP caregiver support gives you valuable strategies in tricky situations. Learn techniques to manage expectations, build behavioral momentum, and transition from high preference activities like video games to low preference ones like chores without all the ruckus!

Set your loved one up for their personal best

Two heads are better than one, and a whole team is even better! Get extra support reviewing your strategies for prompting at home. Learn to shape the habits and routines that build independence and support best outcomes for your loved one! With a vast library of evidence-based and data-supported strategies to pull from, ITP tailors our supports and strategies to your family’s needs.

Ready to find out more?

We want to talk with you. How can we support your transition into a new phase of life? Learn more about ways you can benefit by scheduling a consultation today.

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