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Provide even better services.

Build on the unique strengths of your organization with Behavior Management Training, consultation, and staff support.

Building on what you do best

ITP works with the particular strengths of your organization and the needs of the individuals you serve. We understand the necessity of personalized and specific strategies that are effective across differing environments and support structures. ITP’s focus on your organizational structure and the needs of your clientele mean we come to you, wherever you provide support. In this way, we can best understand the strengths of your organization and help you further optimize your effectiveness where it really counts. We know how important it is to each member of your team that you provide the best services possible for the population you serve--and we're here to help you get to the next level of excellence!

Behavior Management Training

Behavior Management Training

Behavior Management Training can help you provide the best service possible to your clients. Gain fresh insight into how behavioral momentum can help you flow from one part of your programming to the next, setting your clients up for successful sessions. Learn strategies for dealing with disruptive behaviors ranging from shutting down to aggressing with a minimum of aversive responses. Gain insight into behaviors that seem confusing or counterintuitive by learning more ways to take data while getting valuable help pouring over that data afterward.

Prevent problem behaviors before they occur

Learn valuable antecedent strategies to decrease the likelihood of problem behaviors including response blocking, planned ignoring, and structuring programming around behavioral momentum. Any client engaging in problem behavior has a reason for doing so, and ITP can help you to isolate that reason and decrease the likelihood of further occurrences.


Kind and compassionate reactive strategies for problem behaviors

Nip it in the bud by identifying early parts of an escalation chain and acting before things really get out of hand. We’ve really seen it all, from biting to throwing to flopping, and we’re ready to help you respond in the gentlest effective manner. Retain even the trickiest of clients by minimizing risk and responding safely.


Diversify the skills of your staff

Let your staff shine in their skills through our training. We’ll help you through the difficult behaviors so your staff can focus on what they do best: serving your population! With years of experience in classrooms, workplaces, and in the community, ITP enjoys collaborating with other providers. Let us share our expertise so that your staff can do their best work.

Deepen your understanding of your client’s behavior

Our speciality is behavioral analysis: let our team give you insights into the functions of the maladaptive behaviors you’re seeing. Behavior always has a function, and by learning the why behind the behavior, you’ll get to know your clients more deeply. Let ITP enrich the compassion and empathy that are at the heart of your practice.

Ready to find out more?

We want to talk with you. How can we support your transition into a new phase of life? Learn more about ways you can benefit by scheduling a consultation today.

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