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Dive back in to social skills.

Get the support and services you need with ITP.

The social learning that happens among peers inside and outside of the classroom is a vital part of the school experience, and one that has been hard to safely facilitate under COVID. Now that in-person education is resuming, it is the perfect time to really hone those social skills. Jump back into our ABA services featuring social immersion with neurotypical and neurodiverse peers here in southern Indiana. Join us all over our beloved Bloomington landscape, in Bloomfield, and in Elletsville as we build skills and build community.


Infinite Transitions Project is accepting new clients for focused (10-25 hour) and full-time ABA services. Our dedicated team develops goals and plans specific to your needs. We pride ourselves on being able to tailor our services to your family. Let us be a part of your journey!

Plug in to a community of neurodiverse and neurotypical peers
Join regular social outings from downtown Bloomington to College Mall to Elletsville and the surrounding area with a neurodiverse group of peers who "keep it real" and model appropriate social behavior while providing gentle feedback as necessary. Support the emerging social life of your loved one here in your home, Bloomington IN.
Coordination with other professionals, from Waiver services to teachers
Whether you are already working with agencies, job sites, and care providers in southern Indiana and in Bloomington or you would like to establish those relationships, ITP’s collaborative approach to support services helps you build and maintain strong connections.
Fully individualized goals and programming to suit your needs
Everything we do is built around YOU and what is important in YOUR LIFE! Our approach to ABA is fully individualized and based on your priorities. Build habits, skills and routines in beautiful Bloomington Indiana.
Natural environment and community-based learning opportunities
ITP meets you where you are, bringing needed services to home and community environments. From parks to pools, from haircuts to dental care, from restaurants to play dates, from the mall to the grocery store, from the theatre to the public library, ITP is there to support your life in Bloomington Indiana!
Improve your homelife with neurodiversity-informed caregiver training

Grow and thrive with us! Through one-on-one consultation, we help you identify the most socially significant goals for yourself or your loved one. Experience more confidence in social settings all over Bloomington, Bedford, Elletsville, and Bloomfield, and more harmony at home by working with ITP. 

Ready to find out more?

We want to talk with you. How can we support your transition into a new phase of life? Learn more about ways you can benefit by scheduling a consultation today.

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