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infinite transitions project

Strength-based skill development and comprehensive, whole-person support. ITP offers 1:1 support in work, home, and other individualized environmental situations where you or your loved one needs experienced, compassionate support.

What we do.

Our Services

What are your strengths and how can you build on them? We believe in the importance of knowledge and context: what are your goals and what motivates you? How do you want to grow and develop?


From waiver services to workplace and classroom accommodation, learn about your rights and access the resources available to you! Build confidence in communication across social settings! 


Broaden and deepen your interests, build on your strengths, and buttress your goals with supporting skillsets--our services revolve around you!

Ready to find out more?

We want to talk with you. How can we support your transition into a new phase of life? Learn more about ways you can benefit by scheduling a consultation today.


Over the past year, ITP has supported clients and staff through risks and challenges presented by COVID-19. Let us support you or your loved one in best practices for personal and community safety. Whether in the home or the community, ITP is there to teach valuable skills including mask utilization, hand washing, and observation of physical distancing guidelines.

Gain skills for school, work, and community!

Protect close contacts, caregivers, and members of the household!

ITP works flexibly between remote and in-person services, including home-based services when available. All ITP personnel observe best practices for physical distancing, mask-wearing, hand cleaning, and general preventative measures against the spread of COVID-19.

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